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Help After Aid

There are many services designed to help families make a successful transition from welfare to self-sufficiency.

  • Transitional Food Stamps – Families who go off CalWORKs receive 5 months of Food Stamps (called CalFresh in California). There are no reports involved, and the amount doesn’t change from month to month.

  • Child Care – Families may continue to receive subsidized child care after they go off aid if they are working.

  • Transitional Medi-Cal – Health care coverage for the children and adults in the family continues at no share of cost.

  • Healthy Families – Families not eligible for no cost Medi-Cal can apply for Healthy Families to receive low-cost health coverage for their children.

  • Post-Employment Services - Families who go off aid due to employment may qualify for other services like transportation or help with work related needs.