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Child Care

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If child care is necessary for you to participate in SonomaWORKS activities, SonomaWORKS will pay for childcare for each child who is 12 years old or younger and included on your TANF grant. Also, the program may pay for child care for a child who lives with you but is not on your TANF grant, if not having childcare would keep you from participating or getting a job.

You can choose the kind of childcare your want, such as childcare centers, relatives, friends, or neighbors. If your provider is not licensed, he or she must apply for Trustline registration, unless your provider is your child’s aunt, uncle, or grandparent (read this information on the Trustline Registry). The most we can pay is a rate based on what is normally charged for childcare in the area where you live.

Child Care Resources

SonomaWORKS Child Care Handbook